St. Joseph Pastoral Council Minutes

St. Joseph Parish Pastoral Council

  • Minutes of meeting on April 19, 2017
  • Meeting called to order at 7:00pm.  Opening Prayer - led by Father Moser
  • Members present were: Pat Mauss, Dan Colsch, Bonnie Weymiller, and Steve Boland.Also present was Father Moser; excused member was Earl Mitchell.
  • Minutes from previous meeting on January 19, 2017 were read and approved – motion by Bonnie Weymiller and second by Dan Colsch.
  • Financial report reviewed. About $3,000 in income on Easter weekend. There was about $1,000 income for Holy Week. Current checkbook balance is approximately $4,000.
  • Buildings and Grounds Committee: The Boland family will start mowing the church yard for the summer.
  • Faith Formation Commission: at their last meeting they approved that St. Joseph will pay [assessment] $10,000 to I.C. (Lansing) during 2017-2018 faith formation year. May 3rd will be last night of faith formation classes for the 2016-17 year. Catechist appreciation will be held in May.
  • Liturgy Committee: There was a good turnout for Good Friday Service.  Senior Recognition Mass will be held on Sunday, May 7th.
  • Parish Life: Consensus is that all is well.
  • Rosary Society: nothing to report.
  • Social Justice Committee: They will be meeting soon. It is possible that there will be a used washer and dryer available.
  • Stewardship Committee: They met on April 7th. There will be phone calls made to thank the parishioners who filled out the Time and Talent forms. They are planning to distribute a small prayer booklet to mothers on Mother’s Day.
  • Pastor: Msgr. Tom Zinkula, a priest of the Archdiocese of Dubuque, has been chosen to become new Bishop of Davenport Diocese. Father Moser was re-appointed for another six years as Pastor of the parishes of HFB.
  • Old Business
  • There will be approximately 12 dumpster loads need to remove the faith formation building; each dumpster load costs $900. Estimated cost of about $15,000 to remove the faith formation building and haul in fill.
  • The bid for seal coating of parking lot is $4,375 from Scott Construction Inc.
  • The bid for blacktopping along street in front of church and entrance into Parking lot is $11,500 from Strub Blacktopping & Trucking, LLC.
  • Motion to approve bid from Scott Construction Inc. made by Steve Boland with second by Bonnie Weymiller. Motion passed.
  • Motion to approve bid by Strub Blacktopping & Trucking, LLC made by Steve Boland with second by Pat Mauss. Motion passed.
  • Motion to approve bid by Ronald Weymiller Construction made by Dan Colsch with second by Steve Boland. Motion passed.
  • Letters will be mailed to inform parishioners about these three large projects being completed in 2017.
  • New Business Elections for Pastoral Council & Faith Formation Commission will be held in May.
  • Joint Pastoral Council "meet and greet" will be on June 22nd for new and old pastoral council members.
  • Next meeting – Wednesday, June 7, 2017 at 7:00 PM.
  • Meeting adjourned at 7:50 PM.
  • Closing Prayer – "Hail Mary".

Submitted by Steve Boland