-I.C., Lansing Pastoral Council Minutes


Wednesday, May 17, 2017 at 1:00pm in the Church Hall

Mission Statement:

The Catholic Community of I.C. Lansing recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of every faith by promoting strong ministries that enrich parishioner’s lives through prayer and worship, education, family life, community outreach and charity.  In doing this IC strives to reflect the modern world our catholic faith through time, talent and treasure.

 Prayer:  Rita Heim

Roll Call: Rita Heim (Chair & Stewardship), Don Peters (Vice-Chair & Building & grounds), Kay Mettille (Social Justice), Bill O’Connor (Finance Council), Mary Palmborg (Deanery Council), Nancy Hosch (Social Justice), _______ (Parish Life) & ______ (Faith Formation).                                           Father Moser.

Minutes from the previous meeting of April 19,2017

Don Peters motioned to approve minutes as written, Mary Palmborg second the motion. Motioned carried. Minutes from the previous meeting of April 19, 2017 were approved as written.


Spiritual / Administrative:  Father Moser

Celebrated two 1st Communions, Confirmation, three Senior Recognitions Masses and Msgr. Cletus Hawes Jubilee.


      Kenny Steiber built a railing for the garage drive way.

     Jim Barry painted the old railings along the east side walk way.

     Jim & Nancy Hosch washed all the windows in the Rectory.

 Faith Formation Commission:

      F.F. classes are finished for the year.

      Catechist appreciation night was held in Desoto, WI for catechist from Lansing & New Albin.

      A Faith Formation Commission member will be appointed to attend Council meeting or submit a written report.

Social Justice: Nancy Hosch &  Kay Mettille

      Last meeting was April 25, 2017

      At their last meeting the committee had a discussion on the “Puppy Jack Foundation”

which is training dogs for Vets for service dogs.

      Act of Kindness will be for:

       May: Lions Club playground

      June: Annual Cooperative Appeal

      July: Puppy Jake Foundation

      Aug: Glenmary Home Missionaries

      Sept.: Needy at Father’s door

      “COME”.  Elderly can find a place where can meet, enjoy a meal and visit with outers.  Fliers were put around the different towns, inserted in the bulletin and uploaded to the website.  Committee will visit these spots to see how things are going.

 Parish Life: 

      No report

 Stewardship:  Rita Heim

      Stewardship meets on the 1st Friday of every month.

      Handed out at all the Masses for Mother’s Day a “Mothers Prayer books”. For Father’s day we have “Father’s Prayer books”

      Will bring in two speakers; one for fall and the other for the beginning of the year. Focus is: Supporting adults on their faith journey.  

Building & Grounds: Don Peters

      Comparing prices on chairs for the hall. Rita Heim will help finance council in comparing and purchasing new chair as well as four round tables.

      Replacing carpet in the hall entrance with walk off carpet.

      The hinges on the doors for the church and FF center will be checked to make sure they open easily.

      Contact city to re-paint the handicap parking spots.

      Railing going to the Parish Office {rectory} will be painted.

      Steps to the garage

       Deciding what should be done. Do we build a foundation that pre-set steps can sit? Do we build steps?

     Father will contact Mr. Berger to do the brick work and his brother for a bid on making the steps as one piece.

     Will also contact Ted Walleser and Kelly Concrete for bids.

      Will add another railing to the balcony in church. Tom Garett will contact Ed Benson and Craig Wood for bids.

      Contacted {by message} Leland Moore to repair the step on the East side of Church that had a large chip and possibly painting the steps for the parish office {rectory}.

      Discussion on the court yard.

      Sky Line gave a bid last year.

       Kenny Steiber suggested we not attempt to tamper with or remove more of the southeast corner of the courtyard. Drain pipes run through there and may have other issues to address with the church foundation and retaining wall.

      Will contact Sky Line to update the bid.

 Finance Council:  Bill O’Connor

      Computer for budget reports and creating the bulletin has been purchased.

      Finance had elected to do the following projects:

       Garage steps

      Church roof

       Landscaping the courtyard

Deanery Council:  Mary Palmborg

      No Report

Old Business:

  1. Pastoral Council minutes are on the website and need to post more on the bulletin boards in church.
  2. 2.      Act of Kindness: will be in the bulletin one week before we take up the collection. Announced at the beginning of Mass that Sunday or Father announces before the collection is taken. Last month wasn’t announced.
  3. 3.      Elections are this weekend {May 20 & 21} – Lansing parishioners will be voting for two people to be on the Council and two people to be on the Faith Formation Commission.

  New Business:

  1. 1.      Fall Festival: Invited Judy Steiber and Betty Welsh ** Judy and Betty will join us for our June meeting
  2. Raffle tickets:

                 Encourage people to donate to offset the expense of the raffle tickets.

                When sending out letter regarding the festival it was suggested we include an envelope for donations.


  1. 3.      Next meeting Council members will need to discuss and make a discussion regarding Karen Weber.    Should she be attending Pastoral Council meeting at the Pastoral Associate or to record minutes  {Council’s secretary}. 

vi. Adjournment: Don Peters made a motion to adjourn; Nancy Hosch second the motion.  Motion carried.  Meeting was adjourned at 2:16pmpm.     

Next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, June 21 at 1:00pm in the church hall.




Submitted by:

Karen Weber, Secretary