Immaculate Conception, Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin, F.F.C Minutes

I.C. Lansing & St. Joseph, New Albin

Faith Formation Commission Minutes

April 11, 2017

l)  Meeting called to order by Dolly Boland.

ll)  Roll Call of members

  1. Members present:  Father Moser, Dolly Boland, Julie Rethwisch, David Mitchell, Barb Winters-Kelly

and Rita Mooney.

  1. Members absent-excused:  Rebecca Mattson, Joan Reburn and Cheryl Garin

Members absent – Matt Wagner

Minutes approved from March 13, 2017 meeting.  Motion made to approve minutes, David Mitchell first

and Julie second.

lll)  Reports

                Comments from Father:  Father returned from the Chrism Mass in Cedar Falls.

Archbishop Michael spoke of the Youth Synod and the survey.  Archbishop also spoke of having Holy Hours. 

Father Moser plans to pick-up the Year of Prayer theme.  Father Moser asked the question “What are your

plans for Holy Week?”

Discussion on Budget:  A motion was made by Dave Mitchell to approve the payment for the 2017-18 year school year of $833 per month from St. Joseph to I.C. (Lansing)   A second motion was made by Barb Winters-Kelly and all agreed to the amount.  The current budget is on track.

Update on NCYC:

The current total is $7172.89 for NCYC donations thanks to all the generous support of Holy Family of the Bluffs.

Extra money will be used for food expenses.  Remaining totals will be given thought as to usage.  Group will still sell Logger Tickets for June 11,2017.

First Communion is Saturday, April 22 at 4:00 p.m. in Lansing.  Confirmation is Sunday, April 30 at 5:00 p.m. in Lansing.  Senior Recognition Masses are May 7th at the 8:30 and 10:00 a.m. Masses.  April 30 is also the celebration for Msgr. Cletus Hawes in Wexford.

lV)  Discussion on Leaders Gram – Discussed FF goals with action plan for the 2017-18 year.

V)  Other business – Adult Formation –Lenten Book Club Featuring “Our Lady of Fatima” by William Thomas Walsh was well received.

Vl)  RCIA -  Delbert Timmerman was welcomed into the church at I.C., Lansing, in small ceremony.

Motion was made to excuse Rita Mooney for discussion on FFL Renewal proposal.

Next meeting @ IC Lansing in FFC @ 7 pm on May 9, 2017